Images courtesy of Funimation.

North American fans will be able to check out “One Piece: Stampede” when it hits theaters thanks to Funimation.

Captain Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat pirates are always searching for clues to the fabled One Piece treasure’s location. They head to the Pirate Festival along with so many others to find the hidden prize that might help them on their search. While many enjoy this outlaw haven brought back to life by host Buena Festa, little does anyone realize his true intentions for gathering so many of the Worst Generation pirates in one place.

“One Piece: Stampede” is truly a treat to the fans. Many favorite characters make appearances and take part of the action-packed festivities. Some will notice how fast the film progresses in the first portion but it leaves room for viewers to enjoy the monstrous battles and figure out the strange predicament the Straw Hats get into. For those that have not seen much of “One Piece” but very interested in seeing “Stampede” might have some difficulty understanding some of the characters, their powers and roles. Not to fear, it will not hinder anyone from enjoying this film since it is outside of the story’s canon. However, those that are sensitive to very loud explosive sounds and some flashing colors might not be able to enjoy the film in the theaters due to the large amount of fight scenes. Still, this movie is a must-see for “One Piece” fans as it contains so many things they already love about the 20 year old series.

While this theatrical release will be between October 24th-31st for the U.S., there are certain nights where it will just either the English subtitled or dubbed version of “Stampede”. It is also the same situation for the Canadian dates. For more information on when each version will be showing and more, check out Funimation Films’ website.

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