Artist Hota turns CHIROLU’s light novel “If It’s For My Daughter, I’d Defeat a Demon Lord” into a fully illustrated adventure of parenting.

Many adventurers take up quests to make ends meet, however young Dale finds himself working for two after adopting Latina. He discovers the little demon girl in the forest after he completed his task. He realizes someone abandoned her after noticing the corpse of a male demon who he assumes was Latina’s father. Dale takes the girl to the local tavern in order to get her cleaned up and fed. Unsure how the girl will do in a human orphanage especially since she speaks the language of spells, he takes it upon himself to be her parental guardian. He must now support his daughter as she gets used to life in the bustling city.

CHIROLU and Hota’s manga joins the vast collection of fantasy manga from Seven Seas Entertainment. The publisher translates the series “The Girl on the Other Side” which also features an adopted father-daughter pair though vastly different in story tone and dynamics. “Daughter” is a very light-hearted story compared to “Other Side”‘s dark tale. While Dale takes the spotlight as Latina’s parent, it shifts to the young girl as she finds her footing in her new home. Both Dale and readers make assumptions on Latina’s background and it remains a mystery for all to solve.

Fans of “Daughter” will have to wait until April 2019 for Volume Three to be out. Luckily, J-Novel Club has digital translations of CHIROLU’s original work available. Japanese publisher Hobby Japan recently announced that the series will be getting an anime adaptation. Check out Anime News Network’s article for details though no information on its release is out.

Visit Seven Seas Entertainment’s site for more information on the manga.

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