Readers enter Yomai Town in artist Flowerchild’s 2016 two-part series “Hungry For You: Endo Yasuko Stalks the Night” where mystery covers the town and hides its magic.

Everyone is on edge after six months of trying to find three missing students from the local all-girls private school. Around the same time the authorities calls off their search, student Makioka Shizue notices her classmate Endo Yasuko with an unconscious girl. Fearing the worst, she flees to school but somehow the suspect catches up to her. Shizue confronts her but fails to fend for herself when Yasuko asks some strange questions about her body and nicks her neck. After having a small taste of Shizue’s blood, Yasuko proposes to her to be her “emergency rations.” Shizue thinks that she will be the next victim of the possible murders but her mind instantly changes when Yasuko offers to provide meals for her classmate. Knowing that she has very little in her account to have enough for a growing teenager, Shizue accepts. While the status of her stomach is greater than the status of her life, she still keeps her guard up as she becomes close with a likely vampire.

“Hunger For You: Endo Yasuko Stalks the Night” has a bit of a darker tone compared to other Girls Love titles, but makes up for it with a lot of comedy. It is intriguing that the way information is given to both the readers and the characters. It is clear that Yasuko is a vampire but Shizue does not recognize her as one but as the alleged killer. The strange circumstances of the cast leads to funny moments that are like gag skits. Though there is levity from those scenes, it all goes back to the unsolved crimes.

The second half of “Hunger For You” will be out right before the new year in December 2018. For more information, check out Seven Seas Entertainment’s webpage.

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