Artist Chimaki Kuori worked with “Saint Seiya” creator Masami Kurumada to bring a new set of Zodiac warriors to today’s generation of manga readers.

A strange nightmare always plagued the student Shoko’s dreams. Monstrous roots captured her and a winged serpent nearly attacked her due to the intervention of an armored person. She woke up before seeing her rescuer’s face back to reality of training with her dad and school. One day Shoko heard a member of the prestigious Graude Foundation named Saori Kido arrived on campus as a student. Shoko’s older sister Kyoko was also a member and left home five years ago. Hoping the new girl could give her news about her sister, Shoko rushed to Saori’s location. With a strange power, Alicia “Mii” Benethol, Saori’s secretary stopped her. They eventually met but after flowers with a strong aroma knocked out many of the people outside. A mysterious student approached Shoko and wrapped her up in roots, strangling her like her dream. Suddenly someone destroyed the roots and it was Kyoko in similar armor. Shoko finally got her chance to know what her sister did but never expected this way.

“Saint Seiya: Saintia Shō” is an interesting modern branch of the Saint Seiya Kurumada created back in 1986. While it is set in a certain point of the main storyline (Galaxian Wars) it focuses on Saori’s time in Japan instead of the Bronze Saints. Readers who with little information on the original series will have an easy time grasping key information on the mythical protectors. While Kuori’s art style greatly differs from Kurumada’s, the essences and elements of his designs are clearly visible. It has portions of a typical fantasy shonen and gives twists that Shoko will try to punch her way through. The series is definitely one both new and old Saint Seiya fans can enjoy.

Toei Animation tweeted earlier in February that the Saintia team will have their own anime next year. It is very interesting that it will be in Kurumada’s art style and later in the main story. It would then be a good time to grab “Saint Seiya: Saintia Shō” and how the group will mesh in time for their next heroic adventure. For more information on the “Saintia” manga, visit Seven Seas Entertainment’s site. Head also to VIZ Media to check out their complete translations of “Knights of the Zodiac (Saint Seiya)”. Readers will have time to catch up on both since Volume Four of “Saintia” will hit shelves in November 2018.

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