Tekka Yaguraba’s 2016 series “Sorry For My Familiar” is a funny fantasy adventure that is not afraid of taking a closer look at strange creatures.

Luck was rarely on Patty’s side. He father ditched her occasionally but finally left when moneylenders found him. The young devil wanted to find her dad but the Devil World was a vast place with many dangers. Taking on the search alone was a ill-advised choice so she looked to capture a daemon or lesser creature to be her companion. Fortune did not take pity on Patty and she gained a human named Norman Volcanello as her familiar. Many looked down down on her for it was the familiar that influenced reputation but Norman shut them all down using his knowledge as a daemon researcher. With such a man like Norman by her side, looking for Patty’s dad may be easier. However the Devil World had many secrets and wonders waiting for the pair to discover.

When looking at Patty and Norman at face value, one would imagine the towering human being a stoic giant. Yaguraba however gives him a surprising amount of enthusiasm regarding his research and it gets him into some awkward situations. It is refreshing to see that as part of the dynamic like a Japanese manzai duo between the devil and human. Patty is more the tsukkomi (straight man) having to keep her boke (stooge) from more trouble though both end up in dire moments. Yaguraba wraps it all with her clean and very detailed illustrations. Readers even get to see parts of Norman’s notebook relating to the chapter which are quite meticulous. It gives more convention to the unusual though nothing is about Patty and Norman’s quest to find the devil’s father.

Volume Two of “Sorry For My Familiar” will be out in July 2018. Check out Seven Seas Entertainment’s webpage of the series for more information.

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