Artist Kikori Morino transports readers to a world that left the age of modernity in “Giant Spider and Me: A Post-Apocalyptic Tale”.

Nagi lives by herself in the woods, waiting for her father went on a journey. She forages the resources around the area and keeps the place tidy for his return. One day Nagi finds someone, rather something while searching for food. A strange giant spider approaches her and she instantly runs away. Making her way back home, Nagi notices the spider followed her and brought the food she dropped. After some guessing, she decided to cook a meal for the two of them. The spider she names Asa likes the food and becomes her close companion. While Asa has some terrifying features, it appears to be a gentle and protective creature. Having some company might be nice, but they’re not alone in the mountains. Asa may be good to Nagi but the girl might need to help her friend when it comes to the other humans.

“Giant Spider and Me: A Post-Apocalyptic Tale” is a gentle fantasy story. Food is an essential part of it especially since it brought Nagi and Asa together. Like “Delicious in Dungeon” and “Sweetness and Lightning”, Morino lets Nagi show readers how to make the food and even provide exact measurements. It seems that many of the ingredients she uses are what are available to us. The series also reminds a bit like “So I’m a Spider, So What?” with its young female protagonist who finds ways to fend for herself and of course the spider. It is interesting to see how the world is after technological society ended though Nagi herself doesn’t know the whole story. The fact gives way for the readers to immerse themselves in Nagi and Asa’s tale to understand how they make it day to day in a world reclaimed by nature.

Seven Seas Entertainment will be releasing Volume Two in July and then the finale in December. Visit the publisher’s website for more information.

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