Vertical Comics brought “City” the latest project of Keiichi Arawi “Nichijou” creator to English readers earlier in 2018.

Midori Nagumo is in a crisis which many college students go through while tackling their classes. She has no money for her rent, but she lost the last of it on the horses. As her landlady knocks on her door, the woman leaps out the other way to look for her friend and constant lender Niikura. Midori finds her but Niikura instantly refuses. Stubborn and relentless, Midori begs for cash and her friend attempts to avoid her by running through the city. Little by little, the chase leaves rippling effects, causing more mayhem within the lives of the other residents. While Midori sees one solution for her debt, luck has another idea that might help her.

For those that enjoys Keiichi Arawi’s unique presentation of comedy, “City” has it in every chapter. Compared to “Nichijou”, there is a narrative present throughout the web of characters. It is interesting to see who gets hit by the wave of events and becomes the next short story’s protagonist. Somehow the overall tale goes around in a full circle though it’s more of a strange möbius strip. The amount of gags may overwhelm readers but it is a wacky adventure worth following.

Vertical Comics released Volume Two in June. Check out their website to find out more information on the series and when the next book will be out.