Publisher Seven Seas Entertainment brings their English translation of artist Chii’s “The Bride Was a Boy”, an illustrated narrative of her transition.

Readers dove into Chii’s past and followed her journey to become a woman. They first learned how Chii (Bride-chan) met Husband-kun before they got married. Her story moved further back to her childhood and schooling days towards the moment of realization. Chii gone through learning about Gender Identity Disorder to coming out to her parents. After looking at moments when she was male, the book shifted to her surgery and her special day with Husband-kun. She showed her tears and fears along with happy memories with the ones she loved.

“The Bride Was a Boy” packed a ton of information within its pages. The adorable and simple art counterbalanced its prose, giving viewers an easy path to follow and understand. Chii gave a comprehensive course about transgender life in Japan including the laws and processes. It shouldn’t have been surprising to find a bibliography at the end of the manga. While her family easily accepted her coming out, Chii acknowledged those that have more difficult and complicated situations and relationships including international ones. Chii’s experience was just one of the many and may not be exactly like others. Still, support will always be an important thing to provide to the community so that everyone can become they know they are and reach that level of happiness Chii has reached.

For more information on “The Bride Was a Boy”, visit either Seven Seas Entertainment’s page or Chii’s own twitter (Japanese).

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