Shonen Jump brings “The Promised Neverland” to English-reading fans, the 2016 series by writer Kaiu Shirai and artist Posuka Demizu.

11-year old Emma enjoyed her life at Grace Field House Orphanage. She considered the kids as her own siblings along with her caretaker Isabella like her own mother. Her life seemed carefree even though they did rigorous daily exams and must stay within the property limits. Emma and the orphans have gladly obliged to the rules though she had odd feelings when she looked beyond the fence. While they loved living at Grace Field House, they all knew their time could be cut short when Mom sent them to a foster home. This time it was young Conny and the girl left, leaving her favorite rabbit doll behind. Breaking the rules, Emma and fellow elder orphan Norman went down to the gate in order to reunite the two. Their kind-hearted gesture turns into a gruesome discovery when they find monstrous beings take the deceased girl. The finding flips all their thoughts about everything and must do something to prevent another death.

Both Shirai and Demizu fill the manga with twists and turns, keeping the readers on their toes in anticipation to where the story will go. Shirai mentions in a small intro that there are various clues to what is in store, but some are hard to catch even after rereading. Demizu brings it all in a well-illustrated package, especially with her character expressions and fine details. Though the two are quite young in the industry (Demizu debut in 2013 and Shirai in 2015), this book shows that they know how to make a series that has a ton of action and mystery. The creative team earned the 63th Shogakukan Manga Award in the Shonen category earlier in January. New readers take caution. It is rated “Older Teens” and has some scenes of bloody violence.

Volume Three of “The Promised Neverland” will hit shelves in April. To read online previews and find out more information, visit VIZ Media’s page.

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