Creator of “Bunny Drop” Yumi Unita brings her readers to an unique adventure into Japanese mythology with her latest manga “Slumbering Beauty.”

Yoneko Ibaragi is infamous for dozing off and sleeping most of her day away. One day, she finds a strange man appears in her room trying to wake her up and go to school. Discovering it’s not a dream, she finds out that her visitor is a slumber spirit named Nerimu. The strict man always has trouble with his last and lackadaisical client on his list. However, he recruits the girl as his supernatural assistant when she demonstrates her unusual soothing touch that puts people to sleep. Though their personalities clash, they will find out they have similarities that may help them become an efficient team.

Unlike the manga “Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty”, the princess of Unita’s tale takes a very active role as the protagonist. While it is in modern times, readers see how Yoneko’s lethargy forms a figurative fortress around those around her. “Slumbering Beauty” has a much lighter feel compared to her other translated work “Bunny Drop” but still deals with a pair of characters that have striking differences. It is a supernatural comedy that is easy to follow even if Yoneko and Nerimu have trouble navigating around town.

Since this is Unita’s current series, Western readers will have to wait quite some time before the next installment of “Slumbering Beauty”. Seven Seas Entertainment will have Volume Two out in December, but fans of the artist’s work can check out her completed series “Bunny Drop.” Yen Press has all ten books about a unique family drama regarding a young bachelor raising his young half-aunt. Crunchyroll has all 11 episodes of Production I.G.’s anime adaptation under the original name “Usagi Drop.” There was also a 2011 live-action film based on it. For more information on “Slumbering Beauty”, visit Seven Seas Entertainment’s website.


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