Thanks to Kodansha Comics, fans of shoujo manga can enjoy English translations of Megumi Morino’s 2015 series “Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty.”

During his second year in high school, Tetsu Misato told his dad that he’d rather get a job than go to college after he graduated. His father did not believe he would success so Tetsu had to join the family housekeeping business to prove his worth. Tetsu’s current clients had a rumored haunted home, but the easily-frightened boy shrugged it off in order to get work done. Things changed when he met Shizu Karasawa, the clients’ daughter who lived in the guest house on the property. It appeared that every time he saw the girl, she was a different person but he still wanted to know more about the one that made his heart skip a beat. Her parents told Tetsu that she had multiple personality disorder, but Shizu or rather one of her “protectors” explained that spirits possessed the young lady. Both fear and confusion filled Tetsu, but fate knew he would be the one to help the girl.

Morino presents this supernatural series with a very light and delicate art style. It matches the light-hearted romance it starts as but more somber and darker tones appear as the story unfolds. It is interesting how both Tetsu and Shizu are frail characters with complex depth in their backstory, especially Tetsu who does not really fit the hero role in the typical fairy tales. While the manga is hints at references to the old fable in its title, there is definitely a dark villain that hinders our protagonist from helping his Sleeping Beauty. The romance may entice readers, but it is definitely worth seeing out this ghostly mystery.

Kodansha Comics has two out of the six volumes out on shelves. To read an online preview and find more information on “Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty”, visit Kodansha Comics’ site.

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