Ten Speed Press released the latest adaptation of Marie Kondo’s New York Times Bestseller “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. Together with artist Yuko Uramoto, Kondo showed the powers of her famous “KonMari” method in a new narrative.

29 year-old Chiaki Suzuki worked hard as a sales representative but constantly returned to an extremely messy apartment. The piles of things gradually grew to an unbearable amount to the point that her neighbor complained about it. Chiaki knew the situation nearly reached its tipping point, so she contacted the professional, Marie “KonMari” Kondo. While KonMari didn’t have any spells to instantly make the rummage disappear, she did have ways to make both Chiaki’s home and life sparkle.

To those that haven’t read Kondo’s original book, the manga gives a basic guide to her method of organizing and disposing. Many might relate to Chiaki who gets wrapped up in the present and pushes the past which is never properly put it away. While some of the problems seem to be huge in size, Kondo shows how small steps help tackle those issues. While it may seem silly to have make a manga for such a subject as cleaning, but for anime and manga fans who collect memorabilias, this will be a helpful read. Uramoto’s simple art style perfectly pairs with the story, giving it a light and airy feel. Unlike other current translated mangas, Ten Speed Press ended up publishing “Tidying Up” in western reading format, but it is little hindrance to understanding the story and tips.

As mentioned before, this manga showcases essential steps of the “KonMari” method. The original novel goes deeper into the philosophy of declutter and sentimental value in objects. Her other book “Spark Joy” would help readers who prefer some visual aid in some of the steps. There was a 2013 Japanese drama created based off of the first book under its original name, but no updates regarding the American adaptation since its announcement in 2014.

For more information, visit Ten Speed Press’s site.