We continue of Halloween Anime with a series that is A MUST during this season. Soul Eater is chock-full of spooky and Halloween elements and themes from the setting of Death City down to the titles of the characters.

The majority of Soul Eater resides in Death City, located in Nevada, United States. The story revolves around student meisters their partners; humans who can turn into living weapons known as ‘scythes’. The meisters and scythes must work together to eliminate the threat called Kishin and once they have absorbed 99 Kishin souls and one witch soul, they are finally upgraded to full on shinigami, or reapers, and Death Scythe.

In episode one, the very first scene shows a woman walking home at night, alone and is ghastly torn apart by Jack the Ripper; a gruesome-looking creature with giant blade-like fingers. Main protagonists Maka Albarn and Soul Evans enter the scene and defeat Jack. They have reached their 99th Kishin soul and now must seek out the witch Blair in her home. Once they defeat Blair and consume her soul, Maka will be a full shinigami and Soul her Death Scythe. The episode, while humorous at parts, is packed with lovely images of pumpkins, black cats, jack-o-lanterns and witches, all under a grimly, smiling moon. The setting is just beautiful and reminiscent of this wonderful holiday.

I would like to avoid as many spoilers as I can, I can tell you that there’s action, drama, humor and many surprises throughout this series including the very first episode! If you’re going to watch any anime during the October, Soul Eater should be at the top of your list.


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