We earlier reviewed Vertical Comics’s “Flying Witch” series and now bring one about Seven Seas Entertainment’s own modern magical slice-of-life, “Generation WITCH” by artist Uta Isaki.

While the world has its technology amenities, it still saves a place for those with arcane blood to be who they are. “Generation WITCH” shows how the witches of today fit in the present day by featuring divine people from different points of their lives. They range from an apprentice delivery girl to a wife with eternal youth and even a high school boy with abilities. Isaki’s series shows how society accommodates for them and they make days more exciting and convenient.
As mentioned before, “Generation WITCH” has several stories with different casts unlike “Flying Witch” with Makoto and her cousin’s family. Both however share similar concepts of the classic enchanter such as the handy broom and the intricate spells. Isaki leaves details for readers in and out of the chapters about aspects of magic like tools. It is interesting that some stories also bring out the importance of payments in conjuring contracts and how powerful sorcery needs a sacrifice of equal value. Isaki’s moe art style gives the series a playful atmosphere, but sometimes the gravity of drama and sorrow brings it down to Earth. Isaki shows that it is not always fun and games in the world filled with magic. Life has its high and low points, but it is up to us to make the most of it all.


Volume Two of “Generation WITCH” will be out in November. For more information, visit Seven Seas Entertainment’s site.


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