Seven Seas Entertainment brings the three-part manga adaptation of Vocaloid hit song “Bad∞End∞Night” by its original producers HitoshizukuP and Yama△ with artist Tsubata Nozaki to overseas readers.

The Burlet Company has been preparing for its upcoming production of recently recovered script by the infamous playwright of the same name. Young Miku joins the cast of veteran actors for “Crazy∞Night” and tries to keep the butterflies of nervousness inside as the first performance approaches. However, lead actor Kaito reminds the troupe that they must do their best and stick to their lines because of Burlet’s “curse.” Anyone that strays from the script will die. The troupe jest but the dark heaviness lingers even after the curtain opens.  Act One of “Crazy∞Night” goes without a hitch until Miku accidentally breaks the set’s grandfather clock. Her fellow actors salvage the rest of the play but little do they realize what she has set in motion. The superstition they joke about turns its gears to bring their ill fate. It is up to Miku find a way to save everyone from this curse.

The manga might brings a wave of nostalgia to some Vocaloid fans. The Night∞ song series first hit online with HitoshizukuP and Yama△’s 2012 video of “Bad∞End∞Night” followed by “Crazy∞nighT,” “Twilight∞nighT” and “EveR∞LastinG∞NighT.” Soon after the last song’s release in 2014, HitoshizukuP and her concept art illustrator Suzunosuke made a novel version, adding more depth to the story then later working with Nozaki on the manga adaptation.

Though having “Bad∞End∞Night: Insane Party” as a debut, Nozaki shows talent at a veteran level in the detailed illustrations. The artist stays close to Suzunosuke’s original designs and gives more life into the story, especially with the characters’ vivid facial expressions. Those that know the songs might be able to notice some iconic scenes and see their roles in the whole narrative. Even without knowing anything regarding the source music or novel, it is easy to follow the plot within the suspense and mystery.

Seven Seas will be releasing the final part in October. Feel free to stop by the publisher’s site for more information.