Artist Nukuharu’s “Anomal” is a collection of small supernatural tales for readers who are looking for manga that’s not usually on the top shelf. Each of the six stories contain a leading duo that deals with a problem concerning mysterious and sometime magical matters. Ranging from adorable yokai to runaway aliens, the book has mini-adventures for everyone.

Those looking for something that will bring a chill down their spine might not be satisfied with “Anomal.” Nukuharu’s manga is a light-hearted one even though it deals with some morbid matters, especially when a man-eating demon is involved. Quirky characters bring elements of comedy into the strange melodramas and will bring a smile to readers after bittersweet moments. Though Nukuharu’s illustrations for this book are a bit unrefined compared to more veteran artists, they still present each narrative clearly. Granted, some of the pages are slightly fuzzy due to changes in printing quality. It may be due to GEN Manga being a small independent publishing company, not being able to have the crisp clarity like some of the mainstream publishers.

Interested readers will have to do a bit of a deep search for their own copy of “Anomal.” Its publisher, GEN Manga has been inactive since 2015 and only released a very limited amount of print copies. People would have to check Amazon or settle for a digital version. As for Nukuharu, “Anomal” is the only known published work of the artist though their pixiv account is updated with their latest fanart from various franchises. Hopefully they will return to the oversea shelves with a new series in the future.

For more information on “Anomal,” visit GEN Manga’s site.

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