Tsukumizu’s debut 2014 series “Girls’ Last Tour” transports readers to a desolate future where there is very little life left on Earth. A young couple Chito and Yuuri roam the industrial graveyard with their strange all-terrain vehicle called a Kettenkrad (“track motorcycle” in German), rummaging through the ruins. What ended civilization is in the distant past but the girls must take its remains to forge their future.

The manga’s art style mirrors some of the emotions and atmosphere the story emits. Tsukumizu’s drawings of the characters are simple compared to some others but it reflects some of the lighthearted moments, but the detailed backgrounds and rough crosshatching brings back the heavy gravity of the overall situation. The further readers go into the girls’ journey, the more the two reveal and discover what happened to the world. Chito and Yuuri discuss about issues like death and violence that are significant to people of today’s time strangely with little weight since they accepted their life of scavenging. The manga gives an opportunity for its audience to reflect on their own lives, seeing the values within the moments they’ve made.

Volume Two of “Girls’ Last Tour” will hit shelves in late August and then Three in November. For more information, visit Yen Press’s site.

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