Selected fans and members of the press got a chance to see the English dubbed “Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry” the second film from the popular anime series. Funimation threw a special red-carpet premiere at Hollywood’s Ricardo Montalban Theater on August 10th, celebrating the upcoming theatrical release.

The kingdom of Fiore recruits Natsu the Dragon Slayer and his team on a dangerous mission to recover the ancient weapon called “Dragon Cry” after one of their own, Zash Caine steals it and leaving a bloody mess. They must return it for legends say it contains the anguish of the old race and might be able to destroy the entire world. With his skilled friends Lucy, Gray, Erza, Wendy, Happy and Carla, the jobs appears to be an easy one. However, Zash and his two comrades Sonya and King Animus didn’t let the guild members go off with the Dragon Cry. With a couple of sinister tricks and powerful allies, they make sure no one ruins the evil they plan to unleash.

For fans of the series, they will enjoy seeing their favorite characters fighting tough opponents. There was a heavy amount of action, reminiscent of some older shonen anime series but it seemed that the film also lacked a cohesive flow in certain parts. In particular scenes, characters would appear without context how they got there. It is even more frustrating that there is very little amount of background information on the relationship between two of the antagonistic characters Sonya and King Animus. Truly disappointing compared to how well developed their fellow comrade Zash is as an evil villain. Those with a keen eye on production might also notice portions where scenes fall short in quality as to others. Scenes that featured a lot of flashy action and/or lead female characters appeared to have more details.

Overall, it lacked a balance with all the elements it implemented. Having parts that are recognizable and pleasing to fans are good to keep them interested in the film, but it shouldn’t be at the cost of well-rounded story. Without the critical eye, “Dragon Cry” was still a treat to “Fairy Tail” fans. Though it took place between the last two story arcs of “Fairy Tail”, those that had not finished the original anime had little trouble following the movie. The crowd of the Montalban had an enjoyable time, especially with several of the voice actors in the seats.

“Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry” English dub will be showing in selected theaters on August 16th and 19th. Visit Funimation Films for more information and find where you can see the movie.

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