Seven Seas Entertainment brings manga fans the translated full-color volumes of Kenya Suzuki’s 2014 web series “Please Tell Me! Galko-chan.” It follows three girls and their class that tend to ignore the phrase “too much information” in their conversations.

High school is a place of education, but there are some things outside of the textbooks students are also interested in learning. Leading lady Galko is never one to enjoy waking up so early in the morning, but she’ll do what it takes to ready for school. Her bluntness is well known and it gets her into some strange discussion about personal and intimate topics. With her two dearest friends Otako and Ojou, she gets ready to tackle what the high school and her classmates have in store for each day.

Each of the main girls have nicknames based off of their traits. While people would be familiar with the geeky Otako (otaku) and wealthy traditional Ojou (princess,) some might not understand Galko’s meaning. The Gal/Gyaru fashion style usually consists of young women who would tan their skin, dye their hair blonde and use a lot of makeup. It sometimes has a negative connotation because some of the chosen outfits would be very skimpy, which would lead to assumptions that the ladies would be promiscuous. Suzuki shows that there is more to Galko beyond her voluptuous looks with her kindness that surprises her peers from time to time. While most of the series are funny slices of the teens’ days, there are small dramatic story arcs with Galko and her friends worth discovering. Publisher Seven Seas Entertainment showcases Suzuki’s drawing style and bright color palette by publishing everything in its original color. It might be visually overwhelming especially with the many character side notes Suzuki leaves in each chapter, but it might just take a bit to get used to.

Crunchyroll has Studio Feel’s anime adaptation of the series available for streaming. Its 12 episodes contain material from the first and second volume though shows it out of order. It still has the same look and feel, guaranteeing to bring laughs. Visit Crunchyroll’s page to watch the anime and Seven Seas Entertainment’s site for more information on the manga.

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