I had never heard of Lezhin Comics until last winter when a then-small comic called “Killing Stalking” was trending on tumblr. I decided to dive into the tag and what a surprise! Not only was this comic refreshing from all the angsty heart-throbbing ones I’ve read, but the series never lets up on it’s main character, Yoon Bum; a small and tormented soul with Borderline Personality Disorder who gets himself caught by one of the worst humans imaginable, Oh Sangwoo. Yoon Bum is a stalker. Oh Sangwoo is a killer. I’ll leave you with that so you can go to the series’ official page on Lezhin and read for yourself. Trust me, it’s a wild ride but definitely not for the faint of heart or for those who are triggered by blood, gore, rape, murder and abuse of any kind.

Or lack of eyes?

Lezhin Comics has made quite a name for itself over the past year with their bold, fresh and often adult comics. I personally have at least 10 I keep up with on a weekly basis. “How?”, you may ask, “How is this company I’ve never heard of topping the charts and trending on social media? How are they making appearances at the biggest anime convention in the US?” Well, my friend, I believe the company’s success is linked to two reasons:

Original and legally licensed comics from Korea
Boys Love

The boys Love is a plenty on this site. And it’s all really good! I’ve read at least 20 different boys love series on the site and I have enjoyed them all. They feel so diversely different from the typical yaoi tropes you see from Japan. Not only that, but the other genres, adult and not, all have a unique feel to the genre. You want to read about a guy who has zero game but a magic penis complete with busty ladies and a compelling story? Try “He Does a Body Good”. Do you need a man who loves to wear high heels in your life? Read “Why Did Men Stop Wearing High Heels?”. Just want smut in almost every chapter? Window to Window. These are just a few of the many comics you can read. And the Korean site has even more! Korea is seriously killing it with their comics and it’s thanks to Lezhin that we are able to read and share these amazing stories.

“Killing Stalking” creator Koogi as well as fellow creator SilB of “Blood Bank” will be making appearances at Anime Expo this year, signing autographs and meeting fans. Lezhin has also announced that they will be reviewing portfolios during three panels and giving away free swag as well as selling exclusive merch at their booth. So if you’re a fan of “Killing Stalking, “Blood Bank” or the company itself, make sure to check everything out!

Anime Ushi has the privilege and honor to to interview the company at Anime Expo! Please look forward to it after the expo!

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