Day 11: Spirits and Cat Ears by Miyuki Nakayama


Miyuki Nakayama’s 2014 manga “Spirits and Cat Ears” shines the spotlight on the very timid Neneko Iizuna who a kuda (pipe fox spirit) possesses. It attached to her when she was a child and gave her a permanent pair of animal ears. Even if she is a priestess with her own familiar, Shichikage Sagami, she pursues outside help to remove her troubling curse. Sadly Neneko is a shut-in due to the impact from childhood bullies and has a terrible fear of exposing her ears in public. With forceful help from Shichikage, she takes new residence at the Waka Clinic in hopes that Director Yukari Waka will be able to help Neneko get rid of her annoying burden and turn her into a proper priestess.

In the manga’s afterword, Nakayama mentions that the series came to life after a whim of mixing adorable people and kinky fetishes. After having editorial input, Nakayama created “Spirits and Cat Ears” from an earlier draft of the idea and adding more character combinations to put into the limelight. The pages are filled with cute illustrations and there are some comedic situations between Neneko, Shichikage and the rest of the main cast. It is a bit troubling that characters easily exploit Neneko’s shy personality but hopefully throughout the series, she gains more confidence and power.

There are currently six released volumes in Japan and Yen Press will have the translated version of Volume Two out in late May with fall publications of Three and Four. For more information on “Spirits and Cat Ears,” visit Yen Press’s site.

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