Day 9: Species Domain by Shunsuke Noro


The world in Shunsuke Noro’s “Species Domain” has the unusual and constant problem of supernatural babies replacing human ones. While the most common Western folklore about changelings concerns fairies, the manga include many other types of well-known creatures like demons and dwarves. Because many do not know who is behind all the swapping and how to prevent them, many changelings become part of the families and part of the general public. Kazamori is almost like the average female high school student except that she is an elf, one of the high races within the magical realms. An alluring aura surrounds her especially thanks to the possible chance she might be able to use magic, making her quite popular around her peers though she regularly declines invitations for gatherings. Things change when she runs into her adversary, Ohki Hatsuhiko who thinks that magic does not exist due to scientific data. Unlike the elf, Ohki tinkers with technology to give him superhuman abilities. While they constantly argue, the duo’s bickering somehow brings them closer to classmates and more.

While Seven Seas Entertainment labels “Species Domain” as a romantic comedy, it seems that it is more about Kazamori breaking out of her bubble and establishing relationships with those around her. It is refreshing to see the role reversal Noro made with her and Ohki, having the young mad scientist hold the otherworldly powers though his inventions. Noro also gives his characters very emotional expressions while also showing some subtle but adorable interactions. While the boundary between normal reality and the supernatural is obscure in “Species Domain,” it is sure to give a good laugh.

Fans will have to wait until June for Volume Two to hit shelves. Luckily Seven Seas Entertainment has plenty of other monster manga series like “My Monster Secret” for readers to enjoy while waiting. Check out the publisher’s site for more information.

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