Anime Ushi has had a makeover! New brand, new logo, new content and a new way of doing things! This May, we want to give a shoutout to manga, Japan’s form of comic books. Manga is a huge form of media in Japan and is incredibly pivotal influence for all that anime you otaku watch. As a matter of fact, more anime is stemmed from manga than not. Many different genres flood malls and convenient stores all throughout Japan and serves as a main from of literature for citizens. It. Is. Everywhere!

I like to believe there are three types of manga fans:

1: Manga-Only – 90% of these fans will only read manga and refuse to watch the anime counterpart. They are incredibly picky on what they read but tend to be open-minded if given the right suggestions. If they don’t like something, they will certainly give you a 4 hour lecture describing every detail and reason even your college professor’s would be jealous of. They sometimes even hate a series they’re currently reading, but they keep on reading it.

2. Anime-Only – On the opposing side, 90% of these fans have never picked up a manga. They “just don’t have time” to sit and read… but they have all the time to marathon Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood in one sitting. These fans are more often than not considered “basic” by the manga readers. They are also missing out on a lot of material and different series.

3. Manga Readers and Anime Watchers – This is the majority of fans in the anime community. They read manga, watch it’s anime counterpart, will watch anime even without a manga predecessor and vice versa. They are the most open-minded and most opinionated since they have “seen it all”. They always compare the two most often proclaiming “the manga was better”. They have a top “husbando” or “waifu” list and never shut up about they’re favorites. Total weebs. I am one of them.

So without further ado, please look forward to our May Manga Madness all month long! We hope that all fans who visit us here at Anime Ushi will find something new or reminisce on a series they’ve already read.

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