Day 1: Big Order by Sakae Esuno

Future Diary creator Sakae Esuno’s 2011 series Big Order focuses on high school student Eiji Hoshimiya who knows the true effect of making wishes. It has been about a decade since he last used the power Daisy, a mysterious being gave him. He keeps it under wraps because it nearly annihilated the world when he first did. Since then, he tries to keep a low profile as Daisy continues to grant other people’s desires, giving them powers to satisfy them and turning them into superhuman “Orders.” Eiji stays under the radar for the sake of his severely ill sister who initially lost her best chance of recovery because of Eiji’s wish. Sadly his plans halt when Rin Kurenai takes revenge against the “Destroyer of the World” who killed her parents. It seems that the mysterious organization she works has people keeping eyes on the student. However within the chaos, Eiji finds who are really his enemies and allies while understanding the actual ability he holds within. He must take control in order to reach what fate has in store for him.

Readers familiar with Esuno’s works might notice how Eiji and Rin look almost like Yukiteru and Yuno of “Future Diary.” While visually similar, Esuno gives them a personality that is nearly the reverse of their respective doppelganger. He also propels the story with fast sequences as opposition appear virtually everywhere for the main cast. It is not sure how much mystery will be in this series compared to his others, but he still provides his fans a thrilling story with a lot of action.

For those interested in what Esuno made before Big Order, Tokyopop released official English versions of Hanako and the Terror of Allegory and Future Diary. The company translated all four volumes of Allegory but only ten of Future Diary due to ceasing new publications in 2011. Luckily, Funimation still has the complete anime series available for purchase and online streaming. Viewers and readers discretion is greatly advised due to the high amount of graphic violence and other mature content. Yen Press will be compressing the ten volumes of Big Order into omnibus installments with the next out in late May. Check out their website for more information.


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