If you are an anime fan, then I feel like I don’t have to explain what the international hit Tokyo Ghoul is. If you are one of those under a metaphoric rock, read my reflections here and here.

While The first season received rave reviews, mostly all positive, the second season most certainly did not live up to it’s predecessor. The original manga, written and drawn by Sui Ishida, has received many awards and has even been and continues to be on the New York Times Best Seller List.

A trend that we’ve seen in the anime world is live-action adaptations. With the exception of latest Ghost in the Shell film and the live-action Attack on Titan aside, most of these adaptations tend to be well-received by fans and critics alike, faithfully portraying their original stories.

It’s no wonder a hit such as Tokyo Ghoul would eventually get an adaptation. Most would think that then
technology just isn’t there, particularly when thinking about your typical J-Horror films. But, if a movie like Parasyte
can manage to bring in an audience, surely an even larger series can. Check out the trailer below:

What do you think of the mask redesign? Personally I feel flat teeth are more intimidating than sharp ones; I love Ishida-san’s original design. Will this film live up to the legacy that the series has left? Only time will tell. The film is set to release in Japan summer 2017.

Want more info? Head on over to Asian Wiki for a list of cast members as well as an English-translated version of the trailer.



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