Various artists pay tribute to Hitoshi Iwaaki’s hit series “Parasyte” in anthology manga “Neo-Parasyte F.”

Fans followed high school student Shinichi Izumi as he learned how to cooperate with the alien creatures that became his right arm, Migi and dealt with problems concerning malicious parasites. The two fought to protect humanity while Shinichi gradually lost grasp of his own.

15 artist took inspiration to create their own story. The creative team included veteran dark action artist Kaori Yuki (Angel Sanctuary, Alice in Murderland) and Hajime Shinjo who has yet to have an overseas publication. While most chapters were original tales, a handful were about some of the series’s characters, including the beloved Migi. Readers are bound to find some of the stories filled with comedy while others leave a bittersweet aftertaste.

Those that have yet to complete Iwaaki’s “Parasyte” should hold off before reading “Neo-Parasyte F” since a few chapters include spoilers regarding the series’s finale. Del Rey Manga and Kodansha Comics compressed the manga into eight volumes. Crunchyroll also has the anime adaptation “Parasyte -the maxim-” available for streaming. For more information on “Neo-Parasyte F” visit Kodansha Comics’ site.

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