For those that want some supernatural monsters with their winter romance will find Bisco Hatori’s series “Millennium Snow” a perfect gift for themselves.

First released in 2001 before Hatori started her most recognized series “Ouran High School Host Club,” this four volume story followed Chiyuki Matsuoka, a kind and stubborn student with a terrible heart condition. While having a seemingly healthy appearance, doctors closely monitored her as she gradually loses strength. Sadly, they saw a very slim chance of her living beyond her time in high school. She met the strange vampire Toya Kano after she saw his unfortunate tumble from the hospital’s roof. Unlike feeding off of human blood, Toya chose to replenish his energy by consuming large amounts of food. His loyal bat Yamimaru explained his master’s situation to Chiyuki including a unique rite of passage Toya is nearing. When any vampire turned 18, they must have a human partner to become their exclusive source of blood in exchange for being able to have the same lifespan as the vampire, which may last up to 1,000 years. Knowing that modern medicine left her with no cure, Chiyuki found Toya as her only way of surviving, however the anti-blood vampire was not ready to sink his fangs into this commitment.

Readers may notice a strange shift in art style when they pick up the later half of “Millennium Snow.” Hatori initially ended the project in 2003 to focus on “Host Club” and later picked it up a decade later after hearing from fans who wanted a continuation. She mentioned in some of her side notes in the manga that she herself needed to reread to refresh her memory. Her illustration and writing seemed more matured while Hatori still kept the same essence of the characters fans fell in love with.

Visit Viz Media’s website for more information on “Millennium Snow” and other English publications of Bisco Hatori’s works.

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