The late director Satoshi Kon’s 2003 film “Tokyo Godfathers” will warm your heart through the winter chill.

Viewers follow a homeless trio as they figure out what to do with a baby they found within a pile of trash. The boisterous Hana, a former singer at a drag bar takes charge of the child’s care while the constant drunk Gin and young Miyuki help finding who abandoned the little girl. However this journey take not only throughout many parts of the Japanese capital, but also through the trio’s past and finding out how they ended up living in the streets.

Compared to some of his other works like “Paranoia Agent” and “Paprika”, Kon implemented a lot of comedy, giving it a playful atmosphere. He made these amateur sleuths had to think on their feet on how to unravel the mystery of the baby and learn how to take care of her. The movies still pulled on its audience’s heartstrings with some of the characters’ backstories. Kon showed that fate has rewards for those do good, including those that think they are imperfect and undeserving.

Fans can purchase the DVD Sony Pictures released or watch it online through the free streaming service Crackle. Both provided English subtitles since no one produced a translated dubbed version.

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