Artist Kazuhiro Fujita’s 2007 “The Black Museum” series story arc ”The Ghost and the Lady”  recently hit shelves for English-reading audience, thanks for Kodansha Comics.

First set in the original location of London’s Black Museum of Scotland Yard, a young curator shows a late night visitor many of the relics of dark crimes. It seems like a normal routinely tour when they stop by a display of two bullet that smashed into each other. She is about to explain how the unique item related to a well known ghost called “The Man in Grey” when the spectre himself manifests in front of her. She takes up on the rare opportunity to finally learn the truth about Grey’s legend and how legendary nurse Florence Nightingale plays a crucial part in this portion of supernatural history.

Some English fans would remember Fujita from his 2006 work “BakéGyamon” published through Viz Kids, though there are still several others yet to reach stateside shelves. Unlike the previous title, “Ghost and Lady” is a much darker and mature series. Readers who know little about Nightingale will have less of a need to hit the textbooks for Grey tells both the curator and the audience how she to become a vital part of medical history, with some added magic. Fujita dives into the emotions of people, turning them into beings called “Eidolon.” The Eidolon are similar to the “Stand” of Hirohiko Araki’s “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” however anyone with ill will manifest them and most do not realize they exist. However, Fujita’s art style gives his creatures a more gruesome look compared to the eccentric Stand. Interested fans need to take heed with the amount of violence and mature content, especially since the series deals with the Crimean War.

For more information on this supernatural historical fiction, visit the manga’s page on Kodansha Comics’ site.