Written by huansolo

Toho has brought us the King of Monsters. With the bitter taste of the Godzilla (2014) American remake still lingering in mouths, Shin Godzilla could not have come a moment too soon. Funimation rolled out the red carpet for our favorite laser toting lizard’s arrival to the States. For a Monday night premiere, Godzilla managed to pack a large theater in the heart of Los Angeles. Seats filled with people ranging from otaku’s to older couples and B flick enthusiasts. But calling Shin Godzilla a B-flick might not be giving it enough credit.

When one thinks of Godzilla, they think of the total and utter destruction of human civilization. They may also think as a man in a rubber costume kicking down miniature versions of skyscrapers. You don’t think of a giant CGI monster that hides behind closed doors as soon as the action gets going. Toho and director Hideaki Anno, use Shin Godzilla as a way of taking the audience back in time to present a monster smash em up flick and delivers so much more. Director Anno makes use of motion capture to not only give Godzilla new age CGI but also keep the human motion aspect that made the older movies so iconic and cheesy at the same time. The use motion capture along side with a strong story line. International political intrigue and quick paced dialogue, brings us a must see for any self proclaimed Godzilla fan.

Shin Godzilla focuses on politicians and the decisions they have to make to not only try and save the citizens of Japan, but also prevent a giant unnatural creature from wiping out every building standing. What starts off as minor tremors recorded out at sea, turns to be a large unimaginable creature swimming through the Bay of Tokyo. As no one on screen could even begin to fathom the possibility that a creature larger than a building could be in the midsts of the great country of Japan, one man could. This man was Rando Yaguchi. The Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary. Even with viral videos to help him prove his point, not even the Prime Minister himself gave him any credit.

As the city’s destruction continues to mount, it is up to the Prime Minister and his cabinet to make decisions that will help the citizens get out of the city alive. They must also rally its military, its country’s top biologists and the rest of the world’s governments in order to destroy this ungodly creation. Just when victory seems eminent, Godzilla shows us why his title ‘King of Monsters’ is not just a hyperbole.

Shin Godzilla is a must see movie that is sure to bring the kid out in all of us, as well as keep the adults that we all are now, invested in the political aspect of decision making. Anyone looking to have a great time at eh cinema, mark your calendars for Funimation’s limited theatrical event from October 11th through the 18th.
Follow the link below to find showtimes and participating theaters. http://www.funimationfilms.com/movie/shingodzilla/