It was announced today that the two biggest powerhouses in the anime industry, Crunchyroll and Funimation, are teaming up to bring audiences even more content from and for each other. This of course is HUGE news for the industry and fans alike. Both companies license and provide all sorts of series for streaming via their own websites and streaming services on various platforms.

So what does this even mean for us the fans? Well, it seems that we will be getting subbed anime from Crunchyroll and their dubbed versions from Funimation. It also seems like any dubbed anime Crunchyroll has will be going to Funi and and subbed anime Funi has, including currently airing series, will be heading over to Crunchyroll. Prices for subscriptions to either site seem like they will either be decreasing or staying at the same price. So your wallet will not be affected at all! Funimation will also still be the distributor for physical copies.

More information can be seen over at Crunchyroll and Funimation‘s F.A.Q.’s.  Some are as follows:



Will all content on Funimation be available subtitled on Crunchyroll?
Both companies are working to make as many shows available to both services as possible, and we will be announcing additional titles in the future.

Is this a merger between your companies?
No, Funimation and Crunchyroll have entered into a distribution partnership. We will still continue to be separate companies serving the anime community.

What new shows are coming to Crunchyroll?
As of today, we’ve got subs for the current season of D.Gray-man HALLOW, Puzzle & Dragons X, and FIRST LOVE MONSTER, as well as PSYCHO-PASS, Cowboy Bebop, and Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash.

We’re excited to add more shows in the weeks and months ahead, so keep checking back!

Are any titles leaving Crunchyroll?
No subtitled shows are leaving, but you’ll find dubbed versions of Free!, and Testament of Sister New Devil over at FunimationNow in the coming weeks, with many more dubs from our Summer 2016 season to follow!

What will happen to titles that Crunchyroll has previously announced it will be making for home video?
They will still be released, and will be distributed through our partner, Funimation. Crunchyroll and Funimation will be working together to produce all future titles.

What if I subscribe to both services now?
In general, you’ll get subbed anime from Crunchyroll and dubbed anime from FunimationNow.

Plus there’s good news! Although both subscriptions are independent, our friends at Funimation have announced a new, reduced price for their dubbed streaming service!

What happens to my subscription to FunimationNow?
For all questions regarding subscriptions to FunimationNow, please refer to Funimation’s FAQs.

Will the cost of a Crunchyroll premium membership increase?
Nope! We’re still $6.95 for a Premium membership and $11.95 for a Premium+ membership.

Will you be subbing the anime you get from Funimation in other languages besides English?
We have not announced any other language subs at this time.

What does this mean if I buy my anime via physical releases?
Funimation will now be producing and distributing home video for select Crunchyroll titles, starting with the Summer 2016 season. Our shows will also be available on all the digital outlets where you buy anime including iTunes, Google Play, PlayStation, Xbox and more.

Does this mean Crunchyroll will no longer do home video releases?
Not at all! Funimation is our distribution partner, so you’ll see Crunchyroll home video releases in all the same places you can find Funimation DVDs, Blu-Rays, and downloads.”

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