Vertical Comics brings Keiichi Arawi’s hit 2006 manga, “Nichijou,” to English-reading fans almost five years after the first episode’s broadcast of the 2011 anime adaptation. The manga’s title translates to “everyday” and is alternatively known as “My Ordinary Life.” However, it is not quite “ordinary” to see a robot girl with a very large, toy twist key on her back rushing to get to her high school in the small town of Tokisadame.

The android, Nano Shinonome, is one of the main characters readers follow, alongside the friendly trio, Yuuko Aioi, Mio Naganohara, and Mai Minakami, as well as the rest of sophomore class 1-Q. Each of the chapters are pieces of the characters’ days and their experiences with everyday teenage problems, like school assemblies, trouble studying, and figuring out why a child genius put a large, toy twist key on Nano’s back. Nothing is “ordinary” in Tokisadame.

For those that remember the anime when Crunchyroll simulcasted it, the manga has a very similar essence, but it achieves that without the smooth, animated transitions. After reading the printed source material, one can see how easy it might have been for Kyoto Animation to adapt Arawi’s series for the screen.

While there is no narrative element to the series, some of the chapters give subtle clues to some form of chronological order. However, the chapters exist as more of a showcase to the variety of comedic situations the young characters experience. Most jokes are understandable, but there are a few that might not reach English readers due to a cultural barrier. Regardless, “Nichijou” is a homerun that all manga readers should enjoy.

North American fans had little material to go back and watch again when Bandai Entertainment cancelled releases of the anime series in 2012 according to Anime News Network. Now, thanks to Vertical Comics, the original manga will reach them. Both Volume One and Two are available on shelves while the next installment will be out in July.

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