Shonen Jump Advanced’s series “Assassination Classroom” follows Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School, a class of rejected students who the Japanese Ministry of Defense assigned them the nearly impossible and absurd task of killing their new teacher.

Koro-sensei, named by the kids, is not an ordinary instructor. He is a human-sized tentacle alien. He showed his powerful abilities by reducing the moon to a permanent thin crescent, making him the ultimate threat to humanity. The creature had a strange desire to teach the infamous “End Class” before he destroys the earth in a year. The government agreed to have Koro-sensei’s wish come true, but with the condition that the students would be the one who will try to stop and kill him.

Readers learn throughout the series why no one ever wants to be sent to Class 3-E. Standardized tests were always a stressful part of the school life, but scoring poorly in Kunugigaoka Jr. High would place them in the lowest group, sending them literally away from the main campus and becoming ostracized by their peers.

Dreadful ideas of living a bleak future with little to no success filled their heads and almost became their accepted destiny, until they met Koro-sensei. While being in an area with such a heavy and tense atmosphere, the alien maintained a cheerful attitude as he gave it his all to teach the kids. His unusual optimism and lessons passed on to his students, giving them hope for a better future and hope that they will be able to accomplish their mission.

Matsui recently ended his 2012 manga series with its 20th Japanese volume earlier in June. It captured the attention of many, leading to an anime series with two seasons, two live-action film adaptations and a video game. The video game is only available in Japan, however Funimation picked up the English license of the anime and fans can watch it either on their streaming service or on

The anime is an abridged version of the manga, so impatient fans can find what happens in the end quicker. For those that want to read it before seeing it, Volume 10 will be out in June and 11 in August. Visit or your local comic vendor for more on information.

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