Bra snatchers, amnesia, AND sexy cat girls?! Maken-Ki season two has all of that and more!

Jumping straight into a second season, I did not know what to expect about this tittilicious anime; it did not disappoint.

For others who may have missed the first season as well, fear not, it is easy to catch on. Maken-Ki takes place in a world where people have magical abilities referred to as “elements” and “maken.” The story revolves around 11 kids who attend a private high school to hone their magic skills. Trouble ensues when a bunch of perverted teenagers start developing magical abilities so the “Magical Security Organization” is formed as a committee to handle all the problems that arise on a day to day basis.


We are given a vast variety of cast members, ranging from all sizes big and small, and yes, that includes their cup sizes as well. Each person has a unique personality that sets them apart from this large cast. There are some troupe personalities like the geek, the bookworm, the tomboy, the leader, but even then, these girls are given more range than their troupe entails.

Our main protagonist Takeru is your typical high school boy with only one thing on his mind: girls girls girls. Though he may be perverted, he still has standards and always jumps in to protect his friends first, boobies second.


As a female I am usually turned off by the big boobed anime genre as whole, but Maken-Ki is actually quite clever and fun to watch. The English dub is what kept me watching the most because not only is it translated into English (duh), but the jokes transfer over to an American audience as well. With phrases like “hold the plotline” and “we have to nibble this in the butt,” I found myself paying extra attention to the dialogue just to catch the next subtle joke. The dub reminded me a lot of the dub from the cult classic Shin-chan with its lewd jokes, massive amount of pervy puns, breaking the fourth wall, and pop culture references that were modern and fresh.

The directing in general for the voice actors was very well done with tiny inflections that made it sound and noise more believable i.e. a person covering their mouth sounded thoroughly muffled or someone being dramatically sarcastic is loud and clear.


“Their magic is breast in class” is the tagline for this anime for a reason. On the blu-ray we are given a completely uncensored version of season two. With this you will get a topless scene EVERY episode and as many panty shots as you can handle. The audience for this anime is very clearly made for those out there that enjoy excessive amounts of boobs, but this is not your typical no-plot-pure-boob anime. We get a good amount of character development, tons of jokes, and fluidity of a higher quality animation studio (thanks AIC!). If you want a good laugh and tits galore, add Maken-Ki to your next watch list.

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