It’s no shock that I love anime and manga. While a lot of fans tend to either grow out of their anime phase or not really spend time watching it, my love has actually grown stronger as the years went on. It is my favorite form of entertainment and, to be honest, all I really watch with the occasional HBO or Adult Swim series.

With Anime Expo right around the corner, I wanted to try this 30 Day Anime Challenge tumblr seems so interested in. There are a number of different challenges floating across the internet, but I feel this one in particular speaks to me since it doesn’t have the typical “Name your favorite male/female anime character” questions. So, since May has 31 days, I will be starting the challenge tomorrow and posting once a day! Whether you agree or disagree with my choices, I hope you visit every day and reflect! Please feel free to let me know what your picks are for that day, too!

Credit to Beneath the Tangles for the list.

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Owner and Executive Editor of Anime Ushi. Cosplayer, Twitch Affiliate and host of Otaku Atsumaru. Favorite series: One Piece, Yuri on Ice, Tiger & Bunny, Hellsing Ultimate.

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  1. Abagail

    Haha I never outgrew my phase either! I just stumbled upon your site and I love the look and topics! I’ll try to leave a comment on each one every day! I did this on my tumblr a while ago ^_^