Day 2 – Favorite Anime Couple: Kotetsu T. Kubaragi and Barnaby Brooks Jr.

It may come as a surprise that my favorite couple is not technically canon. However, if you look at the list, there is in fact a ‘Favorite Canon Couple’ (Day 16 to be precise).

Kotestu and Barnaby, or Tiger and Bunny, are the stars of the anime series Tiger and Bunny. Produced by Sunrise, the series was inspired by the original 90’s X-men cartoon. The team behind the show wanted to bring an anime in which characters were born with mutant-like powers known as ‘Next’.

The main target audience were males ages 15-30, however, throughout the series, everyone, male and female alike, came to realize that the two main protagonists are incredible close. Full of angst, loving banter, trust issues and provocative poses, it didn’t take long for the audience to start shipping these two. Of course, with any series, comes the shipping, but these two were literally made for each other. At one point, they were the number one ship in Japan. Sunrise took note of this and even the director said that they as a couple were ambiguous. If you see them as best friends, then that’s correct. If you see them as a romantic couple, that too is correct.

Take a look at some of the official merchandise and advertisements:

The official artist for the Tiger and Bunny manga is constantly drawing official art depicting the two as a couple.


There is even an official Tiger and Bunny themed matching ring set that can only be bought as a pair.


And can we take a look at an OFFICIAL poster for a roadshow from last year?

While both have had tragic events happen in their lives, Kotetsu copes by playing the role of the doting, carefree dad while Barnaby plays the angsty, protective boyfriend with trust issues. They contrast each other incredibly well and, despite the bickering and falling out, they learn that they truly trust and care for one another. This is evident in one of the final moments of the series.





Now, if I may bring out my inner fujioshi. They’re incredibly hot and look amazing together. There are quite literally thousands of fan works including doujinshi, fan art and fanficion out there; all depict this couple wonderfully. The multiple doujins I have read are literally the best reads for any ship out there.

I wonder if the director didn’t plan this. He has been quoted saying that if Kotetsu had died, Barnaby would never have gotten over it and would suffer trauma for the rest of his life. When asked about the initial “princess carry” where they meet for the first time, he is quoted saying that “if Kotetsu had been a woman, they would’ve fallen in love right then’.

And speaking of the “princess carry”




I am head over heels in love with these two. Can they please be officially canon???  And can we please have a season two?!?!

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